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12th Annual Dam Dam Paddle Challenge

The Doug Benson Kerr Dam to Gaston Dam Challenge is Saturday, October 24.   If out on the water this Saturday, please be mindful you may find kayakers or paddle boards where you wouldn’t normally see them.  Please be watch your wake and keep an eye out for them.  If you have extra water, I’m sure that would be appreciated.  

The 32 mile endurance challenge begins at the Kerr Dam at 8:00 AM.  There is a 9 mile endurance challenge beginning at 1:00 PMfrom AF Wake to the Gaston Dam.  

If you would like to participate, call 919.802.4430.  Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.  

Become a Member of the Lake Gaston Water Safety Council

Memberships are $5.00 per person - $10.00 per family $10.00 per Business.