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The message below was sent to the membership.    If you didn’t receive that means we do not have your correct email.   Please send us the updated email address either by contacting a board member or use this web site. 

Hello members,


We recently had our board meeting to discuss plans for the rest of the year and what to do about the election of officers.  We’ve decided two things.    


First, it's just not worth the risk due to COVID-19 to meet as a group for the last two monthly membership meetings (September elections and October Pig Pickin).   It’s regrettable but so be it.  


As to elections, your entire board (including me) is willing to serve another year essentially repeating 2020.   If there are no objections from the membership, this is what we will do.  Our new terms begin November 1, 2020 through October 31, 2021.  Please contact a board member if you have another suggestion.    


We sincerely hope we can resume face to face membership meetings the last Wednesday in March, 2021.  In the interim we will continue to post water safety information on the web site and Facebook.  


After our October 8th board meeting teleconference, I will send out a year end summary sometime in November along with thoughts for next year and the treasurer report.   I can assure you the organization is on firm financial ground.  


What a year!




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