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Sadly we won't be meeting in June.  The Kennon House is not ready yet to set up the buffet.  Fingers crossed for a July 29th meeting although to be honest, not sure I would take that bet. 

During this hiatus the board has distributed the information packets to local marinas and realtors.  Although the safety trailer is parked at Lake Gaston Outfitters with no bookings, we continue to promote the water safety message via our web site.   In May we had over 500 folks (many first timers) visit the web site which is pretty good.  

There is one thing you can do now is submit payment for your 2020 dues.   If you have paid, please disregard and many thanks.   This can be done by the web site (credit card or Pay Pal) or a good old fashioned check.  Dues are the same since the beginning of time at $5 for individual or $10 for family or business.  You can also write a check payable to Lake Gaston Water Safety Council, PO Box 207, Henrico, NC, 27842. 

What's the web site you ask?   Hopefully you have previously visited but it’s www.LakeGastonWaterSafetyCouncil.com.  

As always your dues and perhaps a sweetener donation are all tax deductible.  

The lake is getting busy (well, not this rainy week).   Please be careful out there.  


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Memberships are $5.00 per person - $10.00 per family $10.00 per Business.