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I write an article on water safety which appears bimonthly in the LGA Bulletin. Usually, it is pretty easy to come up with a subject to discuss. For some reason, the last article was a bit of a challenge. I thought you might appreciate reading what will be posted in the December/January issue. Sometimes trouble just follows me. Certainly hope others can learn from my carelessness. Suffice to say, sure wish I was wearing my PFD.

I had a deadline on October 30; as I write this it’s October 31 so I missed it. I tried to start it this morning and no sparks. So I set it aside and maybe after lunch. That didn’t work either so I walked down to the boat to putter and get standing water off my boat cover. My wife Chris came down with me (luckily), so we could put the new umbrella cover-up on top of the boat house.

It was a bit cool with a steady lake breeze so I had my brand new sort of winter coat on, my new ball cap and shorts/shoes. She was up top and I was downstairs and used a mop to push up on the cover to remove the rainwater. So far so good. Done it lots of times.

Do you remember us talking about life jackets float and people don't? We also say the time to put on a life jacket is not when you are in the water. Well, stuff happens quickly when you least expect on the water. Stepping up to the dock from the boat I lost my balance and gravity kicked in. I remember hitting my right hip on the side of the boat railing before ending up in the 8 feet deep water. My water-soaked winter coat was like an anchor and down I went.

I’m writing this so obviously, everything worked out ok. Thankfully, I still remembered how to swim but it was pretty difficult making it to the dock ladder. My wife helped me get out so I at least didn’t pull this maneuver by myself.

What did I learn? Even simple tasks around water can go sideways. Wear the life jacket!

It will take days for my coat to dry. As to my hat, if anyone sees a brown cap with Quail Ridge CC on the brim, please let me know.

I’ve got to find a better way for story ideas.

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Brian Goldsworthy
President, LGWSC

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