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We will soon be contacting the membership for payment of the 2021 dues.  Family and business are $10.00 and Individual $5.00.  Best deal around the lake. 

You can pay by either PayPal for credit card on line.  

Your Board of Directors met on March 11 to begin planning for 2021.   

So happy to report that Debbie Andrews has volunteered to be our Treasurer.  Debbie and husband Wyatt have been active supporters of the organization.  Many of you know Wyatt who is the Membership Chair.  

Debbie jumped in with both feet when Jack passed and already has access to the financial records and will be working on the treasury report.   The board will be meeting on March 11 by Zoom and an update will then be emailed to the membership plus Debbie’s report.  

Just so you know, we have posted Debbie's photo on the web site in the officers section.  

We will miss you.  Thanks for all you did for the Lake Gaston Water Safety Council.  RIP

I received in the mail my new NC 2024 boat decal.   Inside the envelope was a good message worth repeating.    

Last year, 13 boaters lost their lives in North Carolina waters.  7 of them were not wearing a life vest.  
NC Wildlife also asks to Wake Responsibility.   These reminders are also worth repeating.  
Stay at least 200 feet away from the shoreline, dock or other structures.  
Keep music at reasonable levels.  Sound travels well over water.  If it is loud enough to hear at 80 feet back, it is likely loud enough for homeowners and others to hear too.
Minimize repetitive passes on any one portion of the shoreline.  Once you’ve run the same line for awhile, move on to another area.  
And for everyone operating a boat, you are responsible for your own wake. 



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Memberships are $5.00 per person - $10.00 per family $10.00 per Business.